Yoga, a Universal Culture

Know Thyself.

Man Know Thyself, and you will know the universe and the Gods.

From Teachings of Pythagoras

Yoga is a timeless and ancient world culture which represents the individual’s need to evolve and transcend limitations.

Yoga is not to be confused or viewed as a form of gymnastics, prayer, ritual, or religious belief. Nor is yoga limited to any one culture, tradition or religion. Yoga comprises a system of practices which can be incorporated into one’s daily life, enabling one to experience the highest state of consciousness. Yoga represents the universal desire for spirituality, for transcendence. The spirit of yoga unites the different world religions, philosophies and cultures in a common bond of humanity, well-being and effort towards spiritual evolution. People across the world are turning to yoga to achieve better health, peace of mind, joy and spiritual upliftment.

Yoga developed at the beginning of human civilisation, from an innate need to explore and experience the body and mind. As soon as the individual started to become aware of the different and subtler realms of experience and consciousness and of inner spiritual states, techniques began to develop to train and evolve the body and mind so as to experience those transcendental states. The Indian sages developed and perfected a tradition of self-observation to explore the inner being. Through cultivating intuition, they discovered many secrets about life. By passing on the knowledge orally through the guru-disciple relationship, the vast knowledge of yoga unfolded over generations as a living tradition and science. In this way and over the centuries, various schools of techniques and philosophies formed and became established in a systematic way.

The word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means union. In practice, yoga is a step-by-step build-up of techniques that develop and transform the personality. For the practitioner, yoga develops health and vitality. It provides one with the strength to handle the everyday challenges of life while enhancing harmony and balance within one’s inner world and external environment. It develops wellbeing by removing stress, tension and anxiety, on the physical, mental and emotional levels. As one deepens their practice, one starts to awaken the dormant potential within, which culminates in the final aim and purpose of yoga, union with one’s true Self, otherwise known as liberation, transcendence, samadhi, nirvana or mukti

There are many beautiful philosophies in the world but yoga provides a systematic approach which teaches us how to have this experience and reminds us in very practical ways that our existence, in reality, is synonymous with peace and knowledge, even though in this day and age stress and worry seem to have become our second nature.


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