Yoga at home or in the workplace

Going to weekly yoga programs has many benefits but it is when people start to practice and live yoga at home or in their workplace and make yoga their life style that real progress occurs.

Below is a simple series of practices devised by Swami Niranjan that anyone can practice at home, and even in their workplace.

To start yoga at home or temper the technique to your workplace you don't need much to begin with. Choose or create a quiet space for your practice, and stock it with the basic yoga props — mat, blanket, cushion, etc if at home. If in your work space, just make do with what is available. The space doesn’t have to be large, but it should be clean and open. Set realistic goals, starting out with little amounts of time (10-15 minutes). Begin with a basic sequence, like in the "Yogic capsule" that follows or request a personal sadhana from the ashram. It is best to learn the practices first from a yoga teacher and then continue at home or in your work space.

Try to cultivate an attitude of awareness, playfulness and acceptance. Be aware of whatever physical sensations, thoughts and emotions arise. Approach your practice with a sense of curiosity, rather than self-judgment or competitiveness. Keep yourself motivated to keep your practice regular.


Practicing the following Yogic Capsule provides an ideal opportunity for practicing yoga at home or in the work space.

The 'yogic capsule'

as given by Swami Niranjanananda in 2006

In 2006, Swami Niranjan devised a series of practices, each of a short duration, that can be easily integrated into one’s busy modern lifestyle. He humorously called the series the ‘Yogic capsule’, referring to a pill one can take in order to attain effective results for relatively small effort. In his own words:​

“Nowadays, people like to take their vitamin and mineral tablets. We like a quick fix. In the same manner 5 Yoga capsules are to be taken daily.
I believe that of the 24 hours in the day we can devote one hour to our development and growth. We divide that one hour in 10 minute blocks. 10 minutes of mantra chanting which you practise early in the morning after you wake up, followed by 10 minutes of asanas. Then, during the day at work, whenever you feel tired and exhausted you practise pranayama.

When you come home from work you do a 10 minute ‘power nap’ to clear the mind of the impressions and stresses that have accumulated during the day before you get on with your evening activates. Before sleep you practice 10 minutes meditation to review the day and so you can go to bed in a relaxed state of mind for a better quality of sleep and a better tomorrow.
For those of us who have a busy life, applying these 5 capsules will help a lot. Beyond the capsules if you want to do any extra activities in Yoga do them but maintain these 5 capsules as much as possible every day. Eventually you will win the fight against your own stresses and you will be able to experience a qualitative you.”

Swami Niranjanananda


Capsule 1
Upon waking in the morning​: chanting

Capsule 2
Before breakfast: 5 asanas to balance, vitalise and stretch the body​

Capsule 3
Later on in the day: Pranayama​

Capsule 4
In the late afternoon: Deep relaxation

Capsule 5
Before sleeping: Meditation



Practice notes:

  • Do these practices daily from Monday to Friday
  • On Saturday do Neti and one meditation practice – Ajapa Japa, Antar Mouna, or Kaya Sthairyam
  • On Sunday take the day off
  • For detailed instructions for all practices and further information on the yogic capsule, please contact us.


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