Sadhana – Dharana Darshan

Topic: Dharana darshan
Dates: Wednesday 26 December to Monday 31 December 2018
Arrivals: Tuesday 25 December 19:00 – 21:00
Departures: Monday 31 December, 14:00
Language: Greek and English
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Concentration is the ability to keep the mind focused on one point without wavering for a certain period of time.

A mind that is focused is a powerful mind. Being in a state of concentration means that one has a heightened perception and can see the underlying truth behind every action. A focused mind also gives one the ability to excel in one’s actions, and to have an immeasurable resource of energy. A focused minf can achieve almost anything. All this, while at the same time the mind remains relaxed. This is a state which is sometimes referred to as ‘being in the zone,’ by athletes.

The state of concentration – dharana, is the 6th stage of Patanjali’s Raja Yoga system which leads to the state of dhyana – meditation and eventually to Samadhi - the realization of the Self.

In this program we will explore the techniques which teach us how to reach this state as well as how to apply this knowledge into our life. In other words, we will learn how to face the ups and downs of everyday life without wasting an unnecessary amount of energy or accumulating stress and also how to progressively go deeper into the layers of our being, and the deeper understanding of how things really are.

The program includes both theory and practice:
• Yoga sessions with theory & practice
• Yoga nidra of the Satyananda system of Yoga
• Shat karmas
• Time for personal sadhana
• Mantra chanting, pooja, havan (subject to the program)
• Seva yoga
Accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals daily

Reference: From the book, Dharana Darshan, by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati (Yoga Publications Trust) pages 3-4 (text below)

Concentration is one-pointedness of mind, the ability to hold the awareness of the mind on one point, one place, without wavering. The perfection of concentration leads to meditation. In the state of concentration, the mind is not aware of the external environment or of other peripheral things that surround the object of concentration……….

Similarly, concentrated thought also has great power. It has the power of heightened perception, the ability to see more of the underlying truth behind phenomena. It has the ability to achieve great things and to do unimaginable amounts of work. A concentrated mind is also a relaxed mind. Whenever you become deeply engrossed in anything you automatically come to a state of relaxation.

Concentration is vital for everything that you do in life because it prevents the mind from wandering aimlessly in all directions. Without concentration you can achieve nothing. You only need to look around you to see the truth of this statement. Work done with a concentrated mind becomes more enjoyable. A person with a concentrated mind can do all kinds of work with great efficiency. A person who is unable to concentrate, who thinks of other things while doing the work at hand, makes mistakes and takes an unnecessary length of time to complete the task, if he ever completes it at all. He will continually think about how slowly the time is passing. He will worry about himself, his problems, his family, while he is working. Due to poor concentration there is poor application, so the work is not properly done. Therefore, concentration is essential in daily life as well as in spiritual practice.

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  • Place: Ashram Paiania
  • Dates and times:

    Wednesday 26 December to Monday 31 December 2018

  • Arrivals, departures:

    Arrivals: Tuesday 25 December 19:00 – 21:00
    Departures: Monday 31 December, 14:00

  • Bookings and more information:

    Satyanandashram Hellas
    PO Box 22, 19002 Paiania
    tel: +30 210 6644189, 6028531
    fax: +30 210 6644048
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